Kasey and Brad

April Free Show 2018

Through centuries, we have been embedded with imprints that have taken us far from the knowing of who we are. The repetitive experience is the experience of being herded into a type of thinking and being that continues to this day. As we awaken, we are not fully aware of what may still beholding us back because of patterns and beliefs so deeply embedded within our psyche. The incisive information in this package of teachings by Julius help you through unseen as well as common pitfalls that sometimes occur on the path to freedom. It is amazingly relevant for both beginners as well as advanced students. You become aware of what you could be doing that is more detrimental, rather than fulfilling you and you are lovingly guided in the direction of self-empowerment.

Create. Continuous, Flowing Love-Based Abundance.

As light beings, we are expansive, free and joyful. Our experience here on earth seems to be anything but that. We feel curbed and limited by a lack of wealth, health and love. When we’re not prosperous in all these areas, there is a tremendous sense of limitation, a sense that we are lacking, that we are not free to be and do all that we wish to as creative beings. Somewhere that flow of abundance is more of a trickle or dammed up by so many factors that it’s hard to even decipher them.

Ignite. More love and light in 2018!

Incarnating as human beings, love is central to our existence because that is our light being essence. Consciously and unconsciously we seek to create love as a solid foundation in our lives from which we can go out and have the most magnificent experiences. To deny love is to deny ourselves growth, joy, fulfilment and peace.

Healing Yourself Through The Power of Thought

JULIUS supports that your body is designed to operate off of your hormonal flow more than from your organs. They reveal that the production of hormones flowing fluidly throughout your body is what keeps your body well and rejuvenated. Alternatively, a lack of hormone flow decays and erodes your physical body.

Return. To your own mystical peace!

We have experienced strife, conflict, pain, confusion and repetitive discord amongst each other through countless lifetimes. So much so that we hardly know what peace and harmony on earth would be like. Yet we long for it because it is the other side of the coin that we are yet to experience in all its fullness and promise. As always, the journey to that future begins at the individual level and it begins within.

Choose to be. Extraordinary!

We aren’t really given a choice to be all that we can be. There is a specific way the world is structured and we are taught to live in it in a way that conforms to that limited structure and way of thinking. Something that literally stifles our soul because it knows it can be and wants to be so much more.

Take Flight!

Kasey and Brad talk about the 3 life-enhancing qualities of joy, peace and fulfillment into your everyday life. On one hand it helps you remove the huge boulder of judgement that prevents these qualities from gaining a foothold in your life. On the other hand it streamlines your manifestation process by adding or removing key elements that play a definitive role in diminishing or raising your sense of achievement, joy, and satisfaction.

Zest for Life

When we are young, we have a zest for life that keeps us on the upswing and looking for the "what is next" then we lose it. Life wears us down, there is too much to do and the insidious aging process makes rapid advances. Yet with just a few shifts in thinking and being, we can again fall in love with life, look forward to each day as a magnificent potential adventure, stop and even reverse the effects of the aging process.